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VAIBHAV MAHAJAN is the founder of the brand and is a self-made businessman with over 15 years in the apparel export industry. He has created multi-million dollar revenue streams from the ground up, for apparel production houses in India at scale and directly works with various global apparel fashion brands. He is passionate about technology and travel and has been to over 25 countries. He believes the time has come for an Indian consumer electronics brand to dominate the mid to high-end space in the headphone & audio category, and what better way to convert this vision into a reality, than with his childhood friend of over 3 decades, co-founder of KEJBYKEJ® and 3X Grammy® Winning Artist RICKY KEJ.



KEJBYKEJ® and 3X Grammy® Winning Artist and co-founder of the brand is the core of what the brand stands for and personally ensures that every model meets the highest of standards, be it design, durability, quality, and most importantly the perfect balance of sound engineering. Achieving this balance of crisp high quality sound has taken months of creative effort and dedication, coming directly from the maestro's studios thereby resulting in products that we believe can truly allow our consumers to dwell into the heart of the brand's USP -

"Where Design Meets Harmony"™