What will Audio Verse hopefully have that Hollywood doesn't? You!

Here at the company, (if it isn't clear already) we love music.

New Age, Indian Classical, Bollywood, Punjabi, K-Pop, Rock, Electronic music - we love it all. We know that you love listening to your favourite music in the best possible quality, which is also why we believe in delivering the best headphones in the market period. The only way we can make that happen is through design and sales ninjas like yourself.

We have rapidly growing teams that won't stop for anyone or anything until our goals are met (unless it's lunch time). Jokes aside, we strive to constantly adapt to the latest in Audio tech trends and also learn from each other. This gives us the confidence to know that our final product is top notch and is what our customer's deserve.

If you're looking to join one of India's hottest headphone startups and be the reason why people rediscover their love for music, we'd love to get know you better.

Send us your CV to and tell us how you can contribute to help us with our goal of bringing the finest products in line which truly are design with harmony

(maybe also tell us your favourite song and artist, we don't mind)